Friday, September 23, 2005

Whitworth Spotlight: Community Building Day

Community Building day: (Tuesday the 27th)


If you don’t know why that phrase is written in all capital letters… *knowing chuckle, steeped in malice and foreshadowing*… soon you will, young padawan.

Of all the Building Days at Whitworth, Community Building Day is probably my favorite. It’s where all the freshman (and some upperclassman) head out into The Real World: Spokane improve the community.

(For you Republicans, don’t worry. We won’t tell anyone that you’ve been secretly helping poor people. We wouldn’t want to damage your street cred)

The Plan: After being gently awakened by the soft whispers of the morning breeze, we shall all file down to the Warren Lounge at 7:15. The leaders shall paint ‘W’s onto everyone’s forehead, allowing them to buy and sell goods and services, and showing their loyalty to The Beast (Russell Spots, 3rd West.) Before heading out to serve the community we shall all sup upon Juice Boxes and Poppyseed Muffins, as Mother Theresa did while serving the poor in Calcutta.

At 8:00 we shall split up into three different groups (South Warren, East Warren, and West Warren. Last I checked, North Warren is still in the hands of the Bulldogs.) We shall then each get on our buses and sing about bottles of various beverages on the wall, rotating wheels, and thank our respective bus drivers.

South Warren: The YWCA

I had about thirty-five Village People jokes until I realized that this was the YWCA. That’s right, the place where I went for swimming lessons when I was five because the Whitworth Pool made me shiver and was full of weird swimmer peoples. Daniel Walters (me) and Sarah Brogden-Thome (not me) will be leading this expedition. We’ll be bringing hedge trimmers and clippers. Hey, if anyone knows Edward S. tell him we could really use a hand.

West Warren: Cathedral Plaza Apartments and Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Cathedral Plaza Apartments sounds like one of those Apartments that’s advertised like you spend most of your time getting massages by exquisitely dressed French Servants under the Marble fountain, but in actuality the walls are held up with sticky tack and the cat next door keeps getting stuck in the water heater.

With crazy Radio personality Ben Leighton and ruthless Newspaper Baron Peter Smelser at the helm, this trip should be memorable. Do anything stupid and you’ll see your name plastered across Whitworthian headlines or hear it ridiculed to the tune of wacky flushing sound effects.

East Warren: Anna Ogden Hall and Westminster House.

The Westminster house is probably best known for having the steepest staircase this side of the equator. I suggest holding onto the handrail, and using ice picks and grappling hooks in your descent. This group will be lead by Jessica Chapman and Emily Benson.

Since there are not enough buses, upperclassmen will have to find their own transportation to the sites. You’re tough. You can handle it.

We’ll get back at 12:00, (in the noon) where there will be a BBQ in the loop.

(Fun fact: BBQ is an abbreviation for “Barbeque”- a gathering where food-often of a meaty nature- is grilled and consumed.)