Sunday, September 18, 2005

ASWC'D!: Week 3

Tech Department: We will be getting wireless in the dorms in the next couple months.
-Don’t save to the Desktop, it will get deleted as soon as you restart. Save to your student drive, instead.
Facility Services: Discussed the
rationales of the Hole policy, the time it takes to fill the holes, tape residue trouble, the possibility of having a hole “permit,” but didn’t commit to anything.
Could Ben and Jerry’s make a profit near Whit. ?
Dorm Updates
· Jazz night for Bopell?
· Daniel did good on a Math 107 Assignment.
· Off-Campus is doing Walk for Diabetes.
Coordinator Reports
· Half-Past 9:00 starting Thursday.
· Get your Yellowcard tickets, now!
· Whitworthian: Write a letter to the editor to
· Costco will be here to discuss discount membership, offer free samples.
Big Issue:
Will Stan’s be canned be The Man? Whitworth has tentative plans to dramatically funkify (with our tuition money) the area where Stan’s is currently located, giving us more variety of food. The effects on Stan’s is as of now undetermined. Look for more information in upcoming Whitworthians.

E-mail me to come the next ASWC meeting (9/21), discuss important issues, and get free Café food!