Friday, September 23, 2005

Which Hairstyle Should Jon Brewer Grow

What hairstyle should Jon Brewer grow?:

· Dreads.

· Slicked black goatee, like Satan or a French PersonWhite Handlebar Moustache. (Accessorize with a monocle, a pocketwatch, and Jowls)

· Neck Beard.

· The Fu Man Chu

· The Salvador Dali

· The ZZ Top

· The Forrest Beard.

· The Martin Van Buren.

· The Rutherford B Hayes.

· The Wilfred Brimley

· The Chewbacca

· That wise ninja man from Kill Bill: Part II.

· Crazy man who yells at Bloomsday.

· Big huge beard that he, like, keeps stuff in, like a musical instrument or a tuna sandwich.

· Clean Shaven, with wads of Kleenex stuck to his bleeding gashes.

· A really long beard that you can climb up.

· Really long nosehair that he slicks back behind his ears.