Friday, September 23, 2005

The Crystal Ball: November 23rd through October 3rd

Friday the 23rd.

9:00: The Third West Rave

Saturday the 24th.

8:00 PM: Mauchley Piano Duo

4:00 PM: Free Grass Volleyball Tourney.

Monday the 26th

Community Building day’s eve.

Tuesday the 27th


Wednesday the 28th

Primetime: Making Cranes to fundraise for Katrina Victims

Thursday the 29th

Beer Factor: Warren Alcohol Awareness

Friday the 30th

9:30: Half past 9:00

My roommate’s birthday

Saturday the 1st

Tennis Tournament.

Sunday the 2nd

7:00 pm Frosh on Stage ($1)

Monday the 3rd

My roommate’s sister’s birthday.