Friday, September 23, 2005

ASWC'D! #4

Community Building Day Details.

Bring your Meal card to get into the BBQ.

Stuff I brought up:

Janitors cleaning bathrooms at inconvenient times.

The third west rave

Trouble during elections.

Getting extra people for Warren Peace. (Drums? Obee?)

Stuff other peoples brought up.

Arend: Stopping the excess sprinklers in the loop at night

Result: (There will be less sprinkler.)

KWRS: We went to New York City. There was music.

Go to to listen online.

S.E.R.V.E Coordinator:

Athletics: Sign up for the Grass Volleyball tournament the Friday the 23rd.

Clubs: Computer Science club begins! It’s 1337!

Meeting was really, really, really short this time.

We uh… really didn’t do much

Had some nice Café food though. Kudos on that.