Thursday, September 01, 2005

Whitworth Spotlight: Traditiation

Some colleges have traditions. Some have initiations. Only Whitworth has the audacity, the madness, to combine them together into one unstoppable monster hybrid of a Franken-event. And they said we were crazy! Not since Gogurt has there been a Chimera created of this level of twisted genius.

Every Warren Traditiation has at least three of these four events:

The Wooing of the Ladies: All that practicing your deep,sultry voice in front of the mirror is about to pay off, as the Warren Gentlemen attempt to woo the Lovely Ladies of Whitworth college. Remember, Warrenites, we are gentlemen, so the wooing is more of the “Let me open that stage coach door for you, fair maiden of Whitworth,” and less of the “Giggety-Giggety-Giggety” variety.

Yell-Off: A no-holds-barred, marathon scream-fest. This time its not between you and your parents. Points will be given for clever cheers, pure uncut volume, and visibility of angry spittle. Howard Dean has nothing on Whitworth College Freshmen.

The Mock Rock: Inspired by the musical genius of Ashley Simpson and Milli Vanilli (except we have talent), the Mock Rock takes lip-synching to a whole new level, adding interpretative dance and full-contact miming into the mix. The Gentlemen of Warren hall have won this contest two years in a row.

Read my lips: “What’s that in the air... smells like the sweet stench of... three-peat...”

The Buying of the Warren Hall T-Shirt: You are going to get very sick of me talking about this, very fast.