Thursday, September 01, 2005

Changes to Traditiation from Last Year

-More focus on traditiation. Less on traditi-hazing.

-Ground White Rhino Tusk powder no longer used for wooing.

-The Trial of Fire, the Trial of Ice, and the Trial of Blood replaced by less problamatic- but still exciting “Root Beer Baseball.”

-Frank F. Warren’s Ghost scheduled to speak Saturday, instead of Sunday.

-Freshmen no longer forced to lick upperclassmen’s boots. Now allowed to just use regular shoe polish.

-The Scavenger Hunt no longer requires freshmen to bring back “The head of at least one (1) Arend R.A.”

-Less Mock. More Rock.

-Tradition fees reduced to hundred and twenty dollars, or three oxen.

-Not as much use of Shaving Cream, Duct tape, and/or Boiling Oil.