Thursday, September 01, 2005

Alternative Mascots for Whitworth, since Pirates seem out of vogue as of late.

Alternative Mascots for Whitworth:

-“The Killer Deaths”

-“The ‘Insert Mascot Here’s

-“The Fighting Peaceniks.”

“The Redistribution of Loot and Plunder Facilitators”

“The Colin Storms”

“The Night Riders”

“The Fighting Dumples”

“The Offensive Ethnic Caricatures.”

“The Whitworth Seattle Mariners”
”The Spokanasauruses.”

“The Scurvy Bilgedogs”

“The Killer Flags”

“The fighting W’s”

“The Bob the Builders”

“The Mission Statements”
”The Needless Redesigns”

“The Fighting Hearts and Minds”

“The Rodents of Unusual Size”

“The Zealots”

“The Senators”

“The Student Loans”

“The Crushing Disillusionments”

“The Torn ACLs”

“The Anthropomorphic Animals”

“The United Nations”

“The Diplomats”

“The Business Majors”

“The Hantaviruses.”

“The Goatmen”

“The Red Robins”

“The White, Middle-Class, Conservative Christians”

“The Promoting Diversities”

“The Killer Cliché’s”

“The Athletes”

"The Flinstones Vitamins"

“The Board of Trustees”

“The Benjamins”

“The Zoot Suit Rioters”

“The Mad Cows”

“The Serial Killers”

“The Shameless Plugs”

“The Patrons of the Arts”

“The Fashionistas”
”The Victims”

“The Judge, The Jury and the Executioners.”

Or, my favorite idea:

The Whitworth Pirates.