Thursday, September 01, 2005

Warren Calendar for Sept. 3rd through Sept 12

Saturday, Sept. 3rd.
-10 a.m.: Residence Halls Open.
-4.30 p.m: Taste of the Northwest
-9:00 pm. Residence Hall meetings
Sunday, Sept. 4th.
-9:30 a.m.: Church.
-3:00 p.m: Floor Meetings
-8:00 p.m. Traditiation!
Monday, Sept. 5th
-Returning Students Return.
-8:00 pm: The Yell-Off.
Tuesday, Sept. 6th
-9:00 pm: Mock Rock!
Wednesday, Sept. 7th
10:30 pm: Convocation
8 pm: Residence Hall meetings
Friday, September, 9th
8 pm: Stewart Lawn Dance.
Saturday, September 10th
8 pm: Bingo