Monday, May 16, 2005

The Stall Street Covers the Flushing of Holy Water.

Okay… funny story. You know that whole Newsweek item about how the Imperialist TortureMongers at Guantanomo Bay were flushing down pages of the Koran that incited hundreds of people to riot and left like a whole bunch of people dead and injured and stuff?

Well… TURNS OUT… it was kinda… like… not true.

Ha! You got punk’d, world! Of course, poor Newsweek now has to consider discontinuing their popular “Darth Bush” series. That puts powerful articles like these in jeopardy:

Iraqis: America killed your Mom!

Tom Delay and the Filibuster: Shades of Vietnam.

Democracy in Iraq: Another sign of Swirling Quagmire.

Bush: Still looks like Monkey.
More on this as it develops.

Bush orders BatBoy to kill Runaway Bride!

Bush’s Hit List: Is your son or daughter’s life in danger?