Friday, April 29, 2005

Es El Idioma Diablo!

Just got back another successful Spanish test.

That is, if we take the government definition of successful.


I got a 67%. But if you round it to the nearest 100%, that's not a bad score at all.

Apparently "Direct Object Pronouns" and "Indirect Object Pronouns"... are different things. Who knew?

Curse that treacherous labyrinthian enigma that be the twists and turns of the Spanish Language! I shame my the honor of mi familia. Ay Bandito!

I swear here and now, with the PopUpAds as my witness, once Spanish 102 is over, I shall only use Spanish when ordering Baja Chalupas con Fuego Sauce. And Mexi-Fries- but only in an emergency.

And of course, in 2020, when Spanish becomes the official language of the United States due to immigration population. Let's just hope they have better technology by then.