Monday, May 16, 2005

Can't see my own reflection.

I have this Internet filter called 'Spocom'. (Spo as in Spokane and Com as in Communist.) In many ways, it's nice, because it blocks out most of the smut that slithers around the dark alleys of the Internet.

But there are also downsides.

I can't seem to look at my own blog. Oh, I can post on it, but after I've hit the Publish button it dissapears from me forever. Did I make a horrific typo. I may never know.

I can't access any Blogspot blog spot. That includes, which I was going to add to my list o' links. I feel kinda funny linking something, however, which I have no IDEA what it is. Maybe it's a site where Terrorists hang out and discuss which Nuclear Warhead to steal next. Maybe it's a site so full of smut that even linking to it gives you seventy-three popup ads, all animated and with MIDI music. Maybe- even worse- it's a site with political views that differ from my own. I may never know.