Friday, May 20, 2005

The "Top Five Posts That I Could Read In The Carnival of Comedy" Awards.

The great thing about the Carnival of Comedy is that it allows all sorts of people in, without "judging" who's the "best" and who's "first" and all those socially-damaging capatilistic aspects of our culture. Instead, everyone sits at the Round Table, equal in the carnival of love.

I'm here to put a stop to that.

Here's the rankings to what I feel are the top five posts in the Carnival of Comedy that I could read. I have a filter that filters out random websites, and so if you didn't get on my top five, it's probably because your server is blocked. Just keep thinking that, and you'll be happy.

Members of the groupblog are disqualified for being too funny and overexposed as it is.

5) -Respectful Insolence presents A Field Guide to Biomedical Meeting Creatures. The Word Biomedical scared me, but I have bared witness to enough after-speech questions that this was amusing to me. My favorite were the kids at Scholarship competitions who'd ask questions like, "Are we going to get a chance to Expand our Horizons and meet Experience Diverse and Exciting New Learning Opportunities?"

I was more of the, "Is there going to be any Cake after this speech is finally over" type questioner.

4) Willisms gives some amusing/frightening photoshops for this eventful weekend in our World's History..

3) North Shore politics presents: For those times that you absolutely crave human. It's a sick and twisted world we live in. But tasty. Sick and twisted- but tasty.

2) -PointFiveStep presents The Puffington post. A lot of it doesn't technically make sense to me, and it uses the A-Hole word, but it has a picture of Mayor McCheese. That's what put it over the top for me.

1) Finally, coming it at number one, is one of the most underrated satirists on the web, and one my favorite bloggers that I am always forgetting about: The Therapist: with Senator Boxer decries abuses at "Abby Grub."

For those who didn't qualify, don't sweat it. Senses of humor can be radically different. For example, some people find the crude, plebian humor of the "Royal Tannenbuams" funny, while others prefer the higher, more artsy and insisive musings of the critically aclaimed "Naked Gun" series.