Friday, September 09, 2005

Rejected Homecoming Themes

-“Homecoming: The College Years”

-“Enchantment under the Sea.”

-“Disillusionment under the Stars.”

-“Nuclear War on the Dance Floor”

-“Party like a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Male

Raised By A Conservative Christian Family”

-“Homecoming: Destroy all Monsters”

-”Party like it’s 2005”

-“A Magical Night of No Freak Dancing”

-“An Obscure French Word Meaning ‘Mask,’ But Which is Advertised

Puzzlingly by an Image of Part of a Scantily Clad Woman.”

-“Party, Experiment with Drugs, and then Sink into a

Crushing Depression like a Rock Star”

-Party like it’s your Party and you Can Cry If You Want To”

-“Stewart Lawn Dance II: This time, it’s Homecoming!”

-“Party like a Neo-Classical Jazz Composer.”

“”You don’t have to bring a Date if You Don’t Want to”

“An Evening Under the Watchful Eyes of Security”

“Insert Popular Song Title Here”