Friday, September 09, 2005


“Dorm Vibes” I brought up:

-Success of Traditiation
-Great to see no Grass Signs
-Fee for holes.

-(Housing comes in to ASWC next week to discuss )

-Wireless in dorms.

-(Rep from Tech department will come in next week to discuss)

Topics discussed

Art Coordinator Position?

-No censoring art.

-Pricing, insurance, artistic concerns.

-Committee created to discuss condition.

-BJ During Mock Rock

-Problems of Mac/BJ rivalry.

-First Half-Past 9:00: Sept. 26.

-Will have Volleyball Net to use for dorms.

-Intramural Due Dates: Ref. Apps: 10th. Frisbee: 11th. Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball: 14th

-Yearbook will be full color, bigger, same price (buy at Info Desk for $40)

-Sept. 11th: Prayer at the Campanile at 1:00.

E-mail me to come the next ASWC meeting (9/14) and get free Café food!