Thursday, August 25, 2005

"Emotional Weakness dictates that I will illogically miss you."

As I near the end of my tenure at Red Robin, I find that- against all logic- people are becoming nicer to me.

For example, I said, "Yeah, I'll be leaving in a few days, but I'd love to come back and work next summer."

The manager replied, "Eh... yeah. We're... always hiring!"

It's that kind of hope that keeps me going.

I have noticed people using my actual name instead of the profane nickname, and people tend to wave when they greet me instead of kicking me in the shins.

It's like when someone dies and everybody forgets the bad things they did and remembers them for the good.

"Yeah, Yasser Arafat may have invented the modern suicide bomber, fueled extremism in the region, broken treaties, promises and hearts, and set back the Middle East peace process decades, but hey! He could sure make some mean hummus! And you know, he had a great sense of humor- a bit offensive- but great none-the-less. He had that winsome smile, and that thing where he'd sneak up behind you and grab you and yell, "BANG," that would make you leap out of your skin in terror. That Yasser. We're gunna miss him."